This site is dedicated to Daniela Andrei, a  promissing Romanian gymnast.

Dana Andrei is a gymnast from Buzau, born on October 29th 1993. As a junior, she trained at Onesti – and her coaches were Lacramioara and Cristian Moldovan, Daniel Nistor and Aurica Nistor. In 2009 she became a member of the Romanian National team and started to train at Deva.

At 2009 Romanian Nationals, she won the bronze medal on uneven bars, behind team mates Ana Porgas and Amelia Racea. In 2010, she was unable to participate in any of the pre- Euros competitions due to an injury. By June 2010 however, she started to compete in smaller international meets and her consistent results brought her in contention for a spot in the Romanian team for 2010 worlds, something that seemed an impossible dream only months before.

In August 2010 she was sent, together with team mates Haidu, Dragoi, Trenca and Patrascu to a “friendly meet” against Great Britain held in Ipswitch. She placed second all around behind Britain’s Hannah Whelan. Her best routines were on beam and floor. At 2010 Romanian Nationals she placed 8th all around. Mistakes on her favorite apparatus, uneven bars, were decisive and Dana was not selected in the Romanian team for Worlds.

In the summer of 2011, Dana, with Raluca Haidu and Larisa Iordache, competed for Alliance Dijon at French Nationals in Toulouse. It was her first meet in a very long time and this visibly affected her: she finished the competition with an all around score of 47.75.

Dana was much improved at Romanian Nationals in August where she placed 5th in the all around (56.20)….. read more on TCG.

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